Rollman Capital was Luxembourg’s first institutional asset manager focused on traditional and alternative investments, driven by the firm belief that wealth is not an end in itself but an opportunity to better the world of tomorrow.

This is the investment philosophy that guides us when advising you.

We draw on years of financial tradition and innovation to assist our clients on the preservation, development and transmission of their wealth, through solutions that combine short and long-term performance with a positive impact on the world around us.

If you see the world as we do. Come and build the future with us.



Rollman Capital is a conviction-driven investment manager.

We anticipate, with you, the challenges of tomorrow. By staying at the forefront of economic, social, political and technological changes, we can provide our retail and institutional clients with investments that are rooted in the global-economies and combine performance with impact.

For over a decade, we have been anticipating a constantly changing world and have been committed to acting as master builder of the future.



Managing your investments requires taking a personalised, global and long-term view of your assets.

At Rollman Capital, we combine the full breadth of our expertise to offer you a tailor-made solution that meets your objectives for preserving and developing your wealth.

You can choose to remain involved in the management of your portfolio or to entrust this to our team. Whatever your choice, we share with you our investment convictions with an unwavering aim: to build strategies that combine performance and impact.


Our investment proposition is based on an active, high-conviction, multi-strategy approach, in which our Luxembourg stance and investment-picking discipline is underpinned by in-depth fundamental and applied research. Proving top-tier secure and regulated access to the new and old asset classes. A multi-year investment horizon and an investment culture by a team of pioneers in the space focused on wealth creation and preservation are guiding principles in designing portfolios aimed at generating high and consistent high risk-adjusted returns.

Rollman Capital guides investors to put capital where it counts.
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Our Distinctive Values

Independent and pioneering spirit
As part of an independent and 100% family-owned investment firm, we answer only to our clients, free from the obligation to follow short-term market trends. Over the years, this has brought about a different attitude of mind: unconstrained by indices, we have more freedom to express our convictions, to remain creative and bold. We can choose to make impactful choices geared towards the long-term, combining sustainability with profitability.
Conviction management and targeted expertise
Rollman Capital has chosen to focus on areas of expertise and sectors where we can bring the most value over the long term. We have developed a multi-strategy fund focusing on the most promising investment opportunities. The Rollman Capital Premium Fund has been designed to provide investors with the full spectrum of exposure to the financial global markets with the benefits of thorough due diligence, sound risk management, portfolio diversification to reduce volatility, and needed transparency and returns.
Investments with a positive impact that aim to finance real economy and the financial global markets
We strongly believe that finance should fuel the economy and contribute to building the world of tomorrow. One of Rollman Capital’s convictions is that wealth should be seen not as an end in itself, but as a starting point for change. Accordingly, we are rapidly increasing our expertise in forward-looking categories.

Our conviction led

Investment approach

We are a conviction-driven investment manager, innovative and visionary. We look towards the future and are committed to achieving long term value creation for our clients. It is an approach which aims to generate significant, sustainable performance in the mid to long run through a protect and grow capital mindset. This approach has been embedded in our organisation’s wealth preservation philosophy since day one. Our active, multi-strategy approach is key to identifying and benefiting from multiple sources of return across the full spectrum of the financial global markets. As such, we implement a consistent, conviction-led approach to investments founded upon three principles:

Portfolio management teams based on 3 core pillars
Investments focused on generating ideas, with 2 key objectives
Risk management integrated at every step of the process
Icon Specialisation

A team of experienced investment professionals, experts in their markets/strategies.

Icon Autonomy

Our portfolio managers are fully empowered to make investment decisions and are accountable for performance.

Icon Collaboration

Constant interactions and synergies between investment teams to find new sources of value for our clients.

Icon Generation of long term

returns through an active, high-conviction, multi-strategy approach, without index constraints.

Icon Search for innovative solutions

responsive to the current and future challenges of investors.

Icon Strict valuation discipline

to avoid overpaying for growth.

Icon Balanced portfolio structures

diversified across sectors and factors.

Our areas of Expertise

An active and high-conviction approach
Our portfolios are concentrated and reflect strong convictions, with a capacity to break away from benchmarks. Our stock, forex, commodity, index and cryptocurrency investment management is based on in-depth fundamental analysis enriched by interactions with the other investment teams.
Fixed income
A complete range
Our fixed income expertise covers the main segments of the yield farming, liquidity mining, staking and nodes markets. As pioneers in these asset classes, we have developed a proven know-how based on in-depth fundamental and prospective analysis of issuers.
Initial coin & token offerings
Privileged access to pioneering projects
Ideal for long-term professional investors who want to benefit from the value generated by early digital currency projects. Rollman Capital ranks as one of the leading European players in this market.
Multi-asset & overlay
An investment process based on conviction, risk diversification and flexible management
The team deploys an active, high-conviction, multi-strategy approach to anticipate global financial market developments with the aim of seeking diversification, controlling risk to achieve client’s objectives.
Global network
Differentiating strategies that combine performance and impact
We deploy a unique partnership model which leverages the industrial and financial expertise of dedicated teams to co-develop innovative strategies, a source of added value for our clients.

Investing with Conviction

As investors, we believe that an active, high-conviction, multi-strategy approach free from benchmark considerations is key to delivering consistent high risk-adjusted returns. With this in mind, we have anchored our investment approach on time-tested principles relying on in-depth research, portfolio construction, intensive due diligence, transparency, reduced volatility, risk management, low correlation, and higher returns for all stakeholders.
Our main goal is consistency and risk control
We offer unconstrained solutions in a range of traditional and alternative investments, whilst providing a transparent, consistent and risk-based approach.
Our expertise
We provide efficient alternatives to conventional investment portfolios, which can also be tailored to meet each investor's objectives.
Our approach uses risk contribution as the input in the model that determines weights, whereas market-cap weighting uses size as the input to define weights and treats risk contribution as a random consequence. We can deliver client-focused solutions with capabilities across financial global markets. These solutions seek to outperform conventional approaches, while reducing volatility, limiting drawdowns and improving risk-adjusted returns.
We offer client-driven solutions, advising institutional investors on risk-based strategies that can be tailored to their investment needs. Solutions are available through model delivery and a variety of investment vehicles.
Our philosophy
We offer an alternative to market capitalisation weighting with an effective risk-based approach to index construction. We aim to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, significantly reducing the volatility and the maximum drawdown.
Risk should inform portfolio allocation, not the other way around.
In traditional weighting approaches, risk is an uncontrolled output of the constituent weights. We believe the weight of a mixed portfolio constituent should reflect its contribution to portfolio risk.

Line-by-line analysis
We analyse volatility and cross-correlation on a line-by-line basis to assess the marginal risk contribution of each portfolio holding.

Simple and transparent
We strive for model robustness, while employing transparent and straight-forward processes.

Why we are


Our Commitment
Our independence, our focus on long-term wealth creation and our emphasis on results from both a financial and societal perspective are real sources of differentiation.
Our Unique Offer
Expertise across a uniquely broad spectrum of traditional and alternative investments, allowing us to offer clients an exceptionally wide range of value-creating investment solutions.
Our Client-Centric Culture
Close alignment of interest with clients, resulting in the ability to design innovative and pioneering solutions and form lasting partnerships.
Our Teams
Empowered, experienced investment teams with a proven investment process and a long-term track record.
Investing in tomorrow’s technology is the cornerstone and the driving force of Rollman Capital. This fundamental value contributes to achieving an unwavering goal: questioning status quos and seeking the best investment solutions for our clients, with freedom of action and conviction.
Victor R. Ch. Rollman, CEO
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